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總務處 Office of General Affairs

About Us

The mission of this Office is to improve the efficiency of administrative work, to provide services to the faculty, staff and students, to improve the school environment, to create the e-campus system, and to save school expenditures. Also, the Office will work on creating a school environment with creative thinking to achieve the goal of environmental education. 
1.Faculty and staff salary and hourly fees, student tuition, and expenses.  
2.School income and expense. 
Construction and Maintenance
1.New construction projects.
2.School equipment and facilities maintenance
3.Elevator maintenance.
4.High-pressure equipment maintenance.
5.School space planning and management. 
Facilities Service
1.School buildings and properties management. 
2.Keys management. 
3.School phone application and management. 
4.AC prepay card affairs.  
5.Faculty office management.
6.School vehicles management. 
7.School cleaning. 
Environmental Protection and Sanitation Center
    Promote environmental protection and sanitation, to promote hygienic education, to prevent occupational accidents, and to improve the school working environment. 
    According to the rules of the Department of Education given in 1993, all colleges and universities will be included in the laws and regulations for Occupational Safety and Health. This Center is in charge of the campus and lab sanitation, hygiene planning, management, supervision, and education. 
1.Drinking water equipment maintenance and management. 
2.Water tank cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.
3.Sewage pool cleaning
4.Wastewater management and reporting. 
5.Industrial and commercial waste cleaning and deposition. 
7.Energy management. 
8.Employee safety and health. 
9.Campus disaster prevention.
10.Environmental impact assessment and enforcement of improvement activities. 
11.Environmental protection, sanitation, and hygiene affairs. 
12.Supervision of gym and recycling areas.